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July 8, 2017
About Me
Pre-op: endometriosis excision surgery

Hello there and welcome into my world! I’m Kit (aka: the vegan bat) and this little website is my online home. You can follow me on whichever social media platform suits your whims, I’m on twitter, instagram (@theveganbat and @theveganbat.recipes), pinterest, facebook, and of course I can be right in your e-mail box, just hit the follow button above!


I travel, I write, I study, I cook (and post delicious food pictures on my @theveganbat.recipes instagram).


This blog is about a little bit of everything and a whole lot of something. I post about veganism, endometriosis, depression, travelling with all of the above, and sometimes I’ll just post about my furbabies, because damn it I’m just a proud furbaby mum.


This is my husband Ricardo, he reminds me to keep posting and stop getting too distracted in life! Plus he looks good in pictures, so he’s in a lot of them (no those aren’t randomly floating hands holding my plates – shh don’t tell).

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And just cause I mentioned them so much, here are my furbabies – Batman (aka: Mr Bruce Wayne, aka: the cat) and Miss Selina Kyle (aka: Catwoman, aka: the dog).



Fruit from Sam Coco’s Fruit Market

At starting this blog, I had been vegan nearly a decade. I started my journey to Veganism when a close friend went Vegan in 2006, we were 14 and it was the first time I had ever heard the term. Three years later, my seventeen year old self took a family trip to the zoo and overnight I was vegan. Suddenly the only Vegan at my University college, in the beef capital of Australia; it was a journey, that’s for sure!


Maybe I will share my recipes, maybe I’ll just share the advice I wish I had of had, we’ll find out soon enough. If you have any questions, you can email them to me at kit@theveganbat.com


I don’t know where this story starts, like many of you I have symptoms that predate my journey into diagnosis, I now wonder if they may be symptoms of endo after all. I guess I’ll start where there is some certainty. I was 15, I had chest and epigastric (under the ribs) pain and I couldn’t breathe. These were my first symptoms, they caused confusion, it seems they always do.


I’ve long lost count of the doctors, until I finally found one I trust (keep searching endowarriors, trust yourselves, you’ll know when you find the right doctor). After several specialist appointments, cardiologists, soo many tests, she finally mentioned endometriosis, I was in my 20’s. At 24 I had my diagnostic laparoscopy, I finally had an official diagnosis! They removed nothing, it was too severe, I did however still gain adhesions from the surgery. The hospital lost my records and I never got my follow-up appointment, two years later and I’m still waiting on surgical treatment.


I am one of the lucky ones, my story is not unique.

If any of my endowarriors need support or have questions, you can contact me at kit@theveganbat.com



I have had both for forever and it’s still hard to discuss, but I’ll do my best! If you have anything you want to ask, please email me at kit@theveganbat.com and together we can write our way out of the silence surrounding these illnesses.


Me? I live with major depression, agoraphobia, and panic disorder. Mental illness has been a part of my life since forever, my first memories are of suicidal prayers and thoughts, from grade school (grade 3 to be exact). My symptoms worsened at age 14 (as is typical), however silence and shame surrounded my approach to coping and healing well until I was 21 and I began to realise how many people around me also suffered silently from mental illness.



I love travel and I would love to share what I’ve learnt with you. From aeroplane outfits and carry-on checklists, to ordering vegan meals and mid-flight diy heat-packs, I’ve got a random wealth of knowledge, so if there is anything you want to know, just send your inquiry to kit@theveganbat.com


My first international trip as an adult, was a contiki tour through Europe, where I was served pears and oranges for dessert and spaghetti with ketchup for dinner, but I loved every new and exciting minute f it! Since then, I’ve been to the U.S., Angola (North/West Africa), Sweden, Portugal, Singapore, and Japan. I’ve still got soo much to see and would love to hear your must-see places!



Ricardo and I met in 2009 at College in Rockhampton (don’t get me started on the million miracles it must have taken for a Gold Coast girl to wind up in same Regional University as an Angolan boy), both studying the first year of our Science Degrees and living on the same College campus.


We were best friends, maintaining daily communication even when we were on opposite sides of the World! After 3 years he finally asked me out and I said yes, 4 years after that he asked me another question and I said yes (again)! We also moved in together (moved houses 3 times), adopted a kitten named The Batman and a puppy named Miss Selina Kyle. And that fiance of mine is now (almost) Vegan!


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Photographer: Matthias Cederholm

UPDATE: That fiance of mine is now my husband of almost 6 months! After all of our crazy wedding planning, trying to decide on which country would be easiest for our families and figuring out how to placate political family associates with a vegan wedding, we gave up … well we (almost) ran off and eloped!


We were shopping in Ikea and as all Ikea trips go, we decided we should run off to Sweden and get married in the Stockholm city hall (like I said, just your typical trip to Ikea). We ended up telling our families and managed to get four people each to come with us and it was beyond perfect! But there’s more to come in this wedding saga – stay tuned…


My career might be non-existent, my depression running rampant, and my endometriosis untreated, but this international, interracial romance and the fur family we have adopted, make everything seem all bloobiloobies!