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Hi there my little Pumpkins,

I’m Kit

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        • bisexual
        • vegan


        • endometriosis sister
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        • depressed and agoraphobic
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in an

        • interracial marriage


Original artworks and prints by Kit Gilmour Vieira Lopes available for sale. Progress videos, photos, vlogs, and blogs.


Depression, Agoraphobia, Panic disorder. What are they, how do I study with them, am I a burden? Signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, life.


Quick, easy, simple vegan recipes for those on a budget and short on time! Why we should all be vegan and advice on transitioning from a tenured vegan.


Endometriosis. What is it, how do I live with it, what does it mean? From pain, signs and symptoms, to diagnosis, treatment and surgery, to disability, diagnosis and beyond.


Feminism, Bisexuality, Racism, Ableism, Specieism, capitalism. The fight against bigotry and corruption - Stand Up, Speak Up.

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How To Cope

How To Cope

This is a list I’ve been trying to sort out myself for years, I have always told myself that I don’t having any coping techniques or that I always fail when I try them anyway, but that’s not true! I have survived years of uni, over a decade of working hospitality, and waking up from […]

It’s Been Quiet

Hey there my little Bats and Pumpkins, I’ve been quiet, yes I know. There are some facebook updates and I’m doing my best to stay on top of instragram (and I’ll be starting a Vegan Bat Recipes Insta shortly – subscribe to stay updated) and I’m back here starting today. So I still haven’t bought […]

Surgery – Recovery Food

Surgery – Recovery Food

So as we all know, I  had surgery on Friday 1st of December, well I just wanted to go through some of the preparations I did in my house before surgery. First things first; I keep hearing in all my facebook support groups “I had to go grocery shopping the day after my surgery (and […]

My Overnight Bag – Surgery

My Overnight Bag – Surgery

Today is Thursday 30th of November 2017, I will be having surgery tomorrow for Endometriosis excision (ladies if you are having surgery for endo, please make sure it is actually excision surgery with a specialist, anything less can do more damage than good … and ablation is NOT excision). So with surgery tomorrow I thought […]

We’re Not Gonna’ Take It

We’re Not Gonna’ Take It

NO! WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT This is another one I’ve been holding onto, because I just don’t have the images for it, but every time I look at I can’t help thinking, pictures would just do this an injustice. Who rants with pictures? Well not me, so welcome to my rant … RANT! Doctors, […]