Miranda Jean Halpin

Okay guys, this is a post I’ve been meaning to put up for a while now. I have been trying to figure out what words to put with it, but I’ve realised I can’t put any words to this that the original poster (Miranda Jean Halpin) didn’t write, so I won’t try. These are her words as she was going through this. Please read all of it and if it’s your first time here hit the Subscribe button and help share the awareness around this silent disease.


Miranda Jean Halpin

POST #1 – July 12th 7:31am


Surgery day!!! Bye bye ovary! I woke up feeling AMAZING! My right ovary and tube are gone! They removed a cyst on my left ovary. They removed adhesions and preformed a D&C! They found either endometriosis covering my bladder on the inside or I have something wrong with the mucus inside. Really happy to have my babe here with me, woke up sobbing for him so they brought him right back to comfort me. I’m feeling so much better than I usually do. I hope this helps me for a year!


POST #2 – July 12th 12:18pm

Begged them to keep me over night (I have a clotting disorder and I’m borderline anaemic), they wouldn’t let me. 6 hours later I passed a huge clot and started bleeding. I was screaming in agony so we’re back at the hospital. Went to the one closer to my home, it’s stupid they won’t let you stay overnight after invasive surgery and taking out so many thing. They went through my entire stomach and pelvic cavity cutting stuff out. Then they went through my bladder and uterus getting stuff off. KEEP ME I HAVE A HISTORY OF BLEEDING. The US sucks for health care.


POST #3 – July 13th 9:21am

Following advice I went to the ER this afternoon. Why do we bother again? I had surgery yesterday and truly feel like I’m being ripped to shreds, I smell like a rotting deer, and I can no longer walk without sobbing.


Upon arrival the ER called my surgeon who told them not to see me I was fine. He would see me in two weeks. He gave me 20 pills in total to get me through surgery pain and I have taken over half of them as prescribed. I’ve never had a surgeon just not give a crap about me more than this guy. He acted so sweet before surgery and I guess not now. I can’t live like this! I thought the pain before surgery was bad, at least I didn’t smell like rotting flesh.



POST #4 – July 14th 10:0am

Hi guys! I know a lot of you wanted an update! I was able to see my surgeon today! YAY! My body has turned a slight yellow/ purple colour.


He has started me on three antibiotics and another antibiotic cream to help with the dying animal smell coming from me. I’m on two creams for my lap cuts, to prevent them from getting worse. They also switched my pain medicine in hopes something a lot stronger would help me (it is a little more bearable).


I’m still icing myself pretty much 24/7 but I was just able to shower! And I got feeling of self-gratification because while at the doctor’s office when he swabbed me a huge green/brown glob came out so he really believed me then! Also my urine is showing crystals so I’m on an antibiotic for a UTI! Hopefully I turn a corner tomorrow with help from all the medicine and my fever drops! Thank you everyone for being here! I’ve been super nervous and scared but didn’t want to express it to my family but my boyfriend (med major) was able to see through it and sat with me by my head all night just feeding me pills to help me out! Thank you everyone for the support once again! I would have never fought if I wasn’t told too!


POST #5 – July 16th 1:32pm

Today’s update! I ended up back in the emergency room today after losing A LOT of blood from my D&C complications. I was crying in the ER and the nurse was screaming at me for being dramatic. Turns out she never wrote down what I had done besides for my D&C and ripped open my belly button stitches. Anyway, after many, many tears the ER doctor came in when I was screeching I was going AMA.


He calmed me down enough to speak to me. He had NO IDEA I had such an invasive surgery! The nurse said I was on my period to him! So my purple and yellow skin made so much more sense to him then! And the fact my heart rate was in the 140s. In my sobbing, snot covered, blood drenched mess, he made me a deal. I let him examine me and give me an IV in exchange he’d make me feel better and I wasn’t leaving till he did. He, the ER doctor himself, placed my IV. He had to do it in my main vein in my neck. He comforted me the entire time as he placed it and immediately gave me a whole slur of medications (10mg of morphine, two antibiotics, and two bags of fluids by pressurization).

He was able to calm me more by just sitting with me and he let me cry out what was going on. Everything from the smell of dead animals coming from my vagina to the fact I was having a pool of blood everywhere I sat to my fever. He CARED ABOUT ME. He swabbed me, and he didn’t even need to send it off, he could smell the infection in advanced stages. He helped me to the bathroom and noticed a TON of crystals in my urine and the amount of blood was unsettling to him.  He found out I had an E. coli infection in my bladder and had a kidney stone passed along with a UTI. He was able to find the source of my heavy bleeding and stop it. He was also able to find a new 3 CM cyst on my left ovary that grew in four days.


I was at the ER for eight hours today. During that time I was treated like a human being after that initial nurse. I was given complete pain control while there and a total of 4 litres of fluid in my IV, two bags of antibiotics, and was given something else I don’t remember what. He even got a hold of my surgeon! Found my blood type and called the blood bank just in case. That ER doctor truly was the best thing to happen to me for this surgery. He took the time to see me and actually care for me even though he had 24 other patients. He spent so much time with me. Endometriosis is super hard to have, and he understood that too. Thank you to everyone that has been worried about me and thank you for all of the good vibes.     My skin colour is a little more normal tonight. I can pee a little easier. My pain is also at a 6-8 which I can bare, the ER doctor also gave me more medication to help my pain even more. There are good ER doctors out there. There really are.


And an update nearly 2 months later


Unfortunately this is not an uncommon story, this is one that helped inspire me to start this blog though and hopefully it can help shed some much needed awareness on the way Endometriosis is currently treated and the way women are treated in emergency medical situations.


With Offerings of Peace and Pumpkins,

xoxx Kit



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