We’re Not Gonna’ Take It


This is another one I’ve been holding onto, because I just don’t have the images for it, but every time I look at I can’t help thinking, pictures would just do this an injustice. Who rants with pictures? Well not me, so welcome to my rant …

RANT! Doctors, Women’s Pain, Nice Girl, You Can’t Make Your Own Medical Decisions


Okay Ladies, I want to scream this from every roof in the damn world, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE IT! Fight your doctors! Fight them damn it! If you tell your doctor you are allergic to oestrogen and she insists on putting you on an oestrogen patch, tell her where she can stick it and find a different doctor! I don’t care how many doctors you go through, go through them all until you find one you like and if they become terrible 2 months down the line, 2 years, 2 decades down the line, then leave them too! You don’t have to take it!


If you get migraines, DO NOT go on the pill!!! I don’t care if your doctor doesn’t believe you or if the ER nurse scoffs at you, that shit is dangerous and it comes with a warning for a reason. You don’t have to take it! On that note, just don’t take oestrogen for endometriosis, tell you doctor you want a progesterone based pill (if you need oestrogen then take it), but for Pete’s sake, it is well known and evidenced that endometriosis feeds off oestrogen and is most common in oestrogen dominant women. The last thing you need is more oestrogen!


Women (and peoples with female anatomy), if you need a doctor’s appointment; to remove a mirena, a nuva ring, an implanon, to come off a pill or a patch or whatever it may be and your doctor tells you that they can’t see you for two weeks and the reception/nurse staff will not understand that it is the definition of an emergency appointment; then go to a different doctor or a clinic or a hospital (if it comes to that). Do not let anyone tell you that what you are feeling is normal, if you know in your gut that it is not.


I’m seeing so many women in my endometriosis support groups, going through so much shit and risking their lives, because their doctors are incompetent. Ladies, you don’t have to take it! All I can think when I read all (ALL!) of these posts, is I wish I was there, I wish I was there to fight for you. I am so lucky, I am blessed. I have struggled with knee pain for my entire life and been to more doctors than I can count; I learnt to fight them very young and I learnt to hate doctors, to not trust them. They are not miracle workers, they are in no way superior, their knowledge is broad and it has gaps and they are faulted, they make mistakes and 9 times out of 10, we are more educated on our disease than they are. And most importantly, we know our bodies, they know their body and what their textbooks tell them is within a normal range. We know our bodies and if they don’t take us seriously, then we can leave them in search for a more competent doctor.


I am fortunate; my family taught me to fight doctors and to trust myself. My grandmother survived breast cancer because she knew there was something wrong, the doctors told her she was fine, they told her that the lump on her breast was nothing because they couldn’t see anything on her mammogram. They were wrong and she survived breast cancer because she fought the doctors and the medical system and didn’t stop fighting until she found a doctor that listened to her and treated her.


I can’t imagine coming into this battle with the mindset of the child that trusted doctors and believed them when they said she was imagining her pain. I got lucky, my pain forced me to listen, it taught me to fight and my family reinforced it. The women in my family are amazing, seriously they are amazing! They never once questioned any of my complaints, even when doctors told them there was nothing wrong with me or that it was normal or that I was seeking attention (yes, really). They taught me to tell receptionists that I never wanted to see that doctor again, they taught me to keep searching for results and not to give up, they believed me and they fought for me when I couldn’t. They still fight for me and I wish, Lord I wish that every one of my endo-sisters had this support.


I can’t be by your side, I wish I could, I wish I could be with you in every appointment and tell the doctors what’s what, but I can’t, so I’m doing this. I’m telling you, FIGHT! We don’t have to take it, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE IT.


And the treatment (or lack of) of women in Emergency Room’s, oh I have a rant for that, but I’m too angry to organise those words right now. I will be posting a story of a warrior named Miranda Jean Halpin shortly, subscribe, like, follow to stay updated when that one comes out. It is one I have struggled with, because I just don’t know how to do it justice. Stay tuned!


What inspired this post tonight? A 36 year old woman who had a stroke and was left untreated in an emergency room waiting room for over 2 hours. Our system is broken, but we don’t have to be statistics, we don’t have to be martyrs demonstrating the faults, we can fight back and stand up for ourselves and call doctors, nurses, medical staff out on their bullshit. We can change it by not taking it. Please Endowarriors, I know you’re tired (and I know how they make you feel) but just fight for yourself, fight for treatment and competency in medical professionals.


With Offerings of Peace and Pumpkins,

xoxx The Vegan Bat (AKA Kit)

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