My Overnight Bag – Surgery

Today is Thursday 30th of November 2017, I will be having surgery tomorrow for Endometriosis excision (ladies if you are having surgery for endo, please make sure it is actually excision surgery with a specialist, anything less can do more damage than good … and ablation is NOT excision).

So with surgery tomorrow I thought I would share what I pack in my overnight bag (I will be staying overnight for this surgery, but I pack the same for day surgery just in case anyway). I will also show you how I prepare my house for recovery and what foods I buy in preparation (all vegan of course and easy to cook and eat). If you follow me on instagram I will also try to keep you updated on how my surgery goes and what my pillow fort looks like! (sleeping upright helps ease the pain from the surgical gas).


Here goes

Surgical Overnight Bag – Admission Clothes

I wear the same outfit in that I wear out, because well I’ll only be wearing it for a minute and whatever I pack, I have to unpack after the surgery. For me this outfit is a loose fitting shirt and a loose maxi skirt that I can wear below my incision sites. Ideally I would have slip on shoes, but as it turns out, I really don’t own any (who knew I liked laces so much).


They say you can take two bags (one handbag and one overnight bag), but really what’s the point, there is nothing I need in a handbag that I can’t just throw in my overnight bag and again whatever I carry in, I need to also carry out.


The contents of my overnight bag

The obvious: admission letter, wallet (with medicare card), glassers, slippers, and a teddy bear (he’s cute dammit, plus he holds my headband).


There are a couple of pairs of spare undies; I’m taking modibodi ‘period panties’ this time, so I can skip worrying about pads or liners for the surgical bleeding (last time I prepared a pad in a pair of undies so I wouldn’t have to fiddle around when getting dressed after surgery). I also take a long light weight shirt/coat, this is basically my dressing robe so I have something to throw over the hospital gown they put you in and I don’t have to be paranoid about the ties on the back (nobody wants to flash), but also that waiting area is hot, hot, hot! and I do not want to be wearing a heavy dressing gown while sitting there.


The toiletries bag I will go into a little later, and the food. Okay, I know most people don’t do this, but I’m vegan and I don’t trust any hospital to actually supply vegan food and if there is any requirement for “you have to prove you can keep food down before we release you”, well I want  food I will actually be able to ‘keep down’. And you know, at some point Imma be hungry! and no hospital provided food = no food 🙁 unless you have shapes and cookies!

By The Way, those cookies are amazing! I was hesitant to try the ‘golden’ ones because their choc chip are so darn good, but who’d have thought it, these might just be even better.


I promised myself I would reward myself with Peter Alexander pyjamas if I ever got a surgery date!

My new Peter Alexander pyjamas are also included in the bag (of course). I have super loose jammie pants that are unbelievably soft, a somewhat matching button-up jammie shirt, but me being me, I actually prefer to wear these shirts as pyjama jackets. So with my jammie pants and jacket, I also have a shelf-bra loose singlet (I like having support and coverage, and it is amazing how many pyjama shirts are transparent … there is no good reason for this, please stop doing it!!!). Finally, I have another pair of those modibodi undies in my PJ set.


Toiletries Bag

The toiletries bag is pretty simple really; hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, face moisturiser (the operating theater air paired with the breathing tube, really dry out your face), and body shop perfume oil.


Hospital Technology

Not pictured above is of course, my last minute throw-ins (AKA the things I still need the night before surgery). They are fairly basic and totally necessary; my house keys, i-pod, phone, charger (I use the same one for both), and headphones for my i-pod (nobody in a shared hospital room wants to listen to your music, no matter how good you think it is).


Well that’s it kids, hopefully the surgery goes well without complications and actually makes a difference to my pain (fingers crossed for me kids).

With Offerings of Pumpkins and Kindness,

xoxx The Vegan Bat (AKA Kit)

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