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So as we all know, I  had surgery on Friday 1st of December, well I just wanted to go through some of the preparations I did in my house before surgery. First things first; I keep hearing in all my facebook support groups “I had to go grocery shopping the day after my surgery (and it delayed my recovery by so and so)”. Well my sympathy goes out to all those girls, I mean surely their families or loved ones could have helped them out, but I’m not going to lie, my first thought is always; why didn’t you prepare?


I know it sounds aweful or whatever and whatever else (maybe I’m the bad guy after all), I guess its the unpopular opinion, but this is my opinion (it is my blog after all). If I’m going in for surgery I do a tonne of prep before hand, I mean it’s not like I’m going to be lying on my  bathroom floor sobbing hysterically from the pain like I usually would after this much work … anyways. What do I prep before surgery, well this post is mostly about food, but I’ll quickly run past some of the other things I prep.


I buy all the painkillers I might need and put them all in a drawer near my bed, along with a couple books, some loose shirts I might wear, a couple headbands, bio-oil for the scars, and spare bandages/wound coverings. I’ll go into more detail about these in another post (along with a picture of my pillow/teddy fort; AKA back support for bed).


Pre-surgical kitchen prep … I mean who doesn’t want grilled cheese with their cup-a-soup

I organise everything I might need to be within arms reach; so there should be no bending, reaching, or carrying heavy items (like the sandwhich press, do you not grilled-cheese?). I also clean all my floors and hallways to make sure there is nothing in way and I can walk/stumble easily.

I go crazy cleaning, seriously the laundry guys, the laundry. I wash all my towels, mats, shower curtain, bedding, throw blankets, anything I might come in contact with. I know my wounds will be covered but I prefer to be careful and do what I can to prevent infection. I also wash all my clothes the day before, so I can delay doing any more laundry for as long as possible after the surgery.


Okay I’m sure I’m missing stuff but let’s get to the food!

my photo’s are crazy dark, I still need to get used to this new phone’s camera (or you know, use my fiance’s actual camera)

So I buy a tonne of easy to cook food. This won’t be my immediate recovery food, but once I’m up to some light cooking/eating then there is nothing easier than throwing some tin beans or veggies in a pan, bam meal done in less than five minutes.


I know, I know what you’re thinking, well what do I have these beans and veggies with. Instant rice for when I’m too lazy to really rice (btw I have a 20kg bag of rice in the back of my cupboard for when I do feel like cooking) or pasta, cause what’s simpler than pasta.


Beans and veggies gets old right? Well yeah vegan food isn’t really that boring, but I’m talking post surgery simple food guys (i.e. I don’t want to combine a bunch of textures and flavours). But if I feel more adventurous, then vegan junk food exists for a reason and just like your standard cruelty fueled junk food, it is super quick and easy to cook.


Why could I not get this cabinet in focus, seriously guys I need help!


Okay so that’s my non-immediate post-surgical food, but this is my straight out of hospital post-surgery food! Well yeah it also includes the chicken stock powder, golden curry, and italian herb mix I can’t cook without. Hey, I only have so many cupboards alright.

Maybe I’m weird (of course I am), but I really love these plain cruskets with butter (nuttelex) on them, upside they are easy to digest and ‘keep down’ when you are nauseous.


I used to love cup-a-soup so so much and where I am (Australia) there has been no vegan cup-a-soup since I went vegan (almost a decade without cup-a-soup, I’ve missed it guys), but FINALLY, these came out this year and I am in love! Only three flavours, but I am so so happy, and the Italian Minestrone flavour is amazing.


Soups are still good, but sometimes you want a more chunky one and that’s where these come in. Plus these were the closest  I got to cup-a-soups in that decade and I’m kind of attached to them now.

What’s a good soup, without a grilled cheese sandwhich? Nothing kids, that’s what. So yeah stocked up on vegan cheese.

Can you believe these two plus a tonne more are now easily available at commercial grocery stores. I can’t believe how far veganism has come, how mainstream it has become. I’m soo happy and both these cheeses are so damn good.


Okay that’s all for today, hopefully I gave you all some ideas on ways to prep for your surgeries and if you are having surgery, I am sending you the very best wishes!


With Offerings of Love and Pumpkins,

xoxx Kit

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